*We have just released HANDE version 1.2*

HANDE is an open-source software package for stochastic quantum chemistry under active development, run by a non-profit community of UK academics headed by Dr James Spencer (Imperial College London) and Dr Alex Thom (University of Cambridge).

HANDE contains highly scalable implementations of the full configuration interaction quantum Monte Carlo [1] and coupled cluster Monte Carlo [2] methods including the initiator approximation [3] and semi-stochastic approach [4], as well as the density matrix quantum Monte Carlo method [5]. HANDE can treat a variety of quantum systems, including molecular systems (via integrals obtained from a quantum chemistry package) and the uniform electron gas as well as the Hubbard and Heisenberg models.

HANDE version 1.2 can be obtained from https://github.com/hande-qmc/hande.

For any questions on using and/or developing HANDE, please contact James or Alex in the first instance:

James Spencer, j.spencer@imperial.ac.uk
Alex Thom, ajwt3@cam.ac.uk

HANDE development team

Code, theory, applications, etc:

  • James Spencer (Imperial College London)
  • Alex Thom (University of Cambridge)
  • Nick Blunt (University of Cambridge)
  • Fionn Malone (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
  • Ruth Franklin (University of Cambridge)
  • Charlie Scott (University of Cambridge)
  • Verena Neufeld (University of Cambridge)
  • William Vigor (Imperial College London)
  • James Shepherd (University of Iowa)
  • Matthew Foulkes (Imperial College London)

Past contributors:

  • Seonghoon Choi (was at University of Cambridge, now EPFL Lausanne)
  • Thomas Rogers (Imperial College London)
  • Will Handley (University of Cambridge)
  • Joseph Weston (Imperial College London)


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Our team receives funding from EPSRC, the Royal Society, the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851, ARCHER Leadership Grant, EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Computational Methods for Materials Science, Sims Fund, St John's college Cambridge. We are also grateful for a research environment provided by the Thomas Young Centre.


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